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Penelitian Partisipatif

Data-data ilmiah serta penelitian yang partisipatif merupakan dasar dalam membuat perubahan



Pendidikan Lingkungan

memperluas hak atas akses informasi, akses kedilan dan akses partisipasi untuk generasi yang berkelanjutan



Analisa Lingkungan Luar

mewujudkan kebijakan lingkungan bagi generasi yang berkelanjutan

About Us

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Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation (ECOTON) was established in year 2000 to promote environmental justice for present and future generations, especially in sustainable wetland resource management

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Here our story with the environment, we endrose the people to not only life well with the environemnt but to love it

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Here is our agenda, which is related to save our environment and also love our environment

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Our photo documentation about our activity

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Prigi Arisandi is an environment activist who loves being called River Defender. His reason in becoming an activist is because he worries the river condition in Surabaya in which not proper to be consumed. 75 tons waste in being thrown to the river every day and has pollute both the river and nearby environment. Through Ecoton, he tries to defend the river in Surabaya and make people realize the important of water in our future life.